• To ensure rights of children, women, socially and physically challenged and disaster affected
  • To promote sustainable development through education, health, livelihood, disaster relief and rehabilitation, de-addiction and community organization activities†
  • To promote gender equity and promote socio-economic betterment of women through the development of community based organizations and federating them in collaboration with Govt and other organizations
  • For promoting the merit students, citizens, intellectuals, Social activists, etc. we felicitate them by giving National & International Awards.
  • To network with community based organizations, civil society organizations, local, State and Central Govt and national and international NGOs to achieve the vision and mission of the society
  • To carry out advocacy efforts on behalf of children, women and elders
  • Creation of secured, healthy, non-violent, exploited, profitless society.
  • Technical / Academic / Vocational education, employment, Tourism, Small & Cottage Industrial Training and Institution Creation.
  • Environment & Pollution Control & Affrication, conservation and enlargement of Decaying species, development of Natural Resources.
  • Irrigation, Agriculture, Nursery, Horticulture, Fish-Culture / Aquaculture.
  • Drinking water, Education, Health & Medicine, Communication Training.
  • Youth Welfare, Disable welfare, women welfare, child welfare, evil-eradication, corruption-control, awarness, cap citation,
  • Empowerment, field survey & social audit, communal harmony.
  • Family welfare, marriage & dowry-eradication, publicity.
  • Poverty & unemployment eradication, suppressed personís development.
  • Games & Sports, Anganbari, Balbari, Creche.
  • Child labour eradication & education & rehabilitation.
  • Embroidery, stitching, sewing, painting, non-conventional job-oriented trainings & employment.
  • Rural Development & Sustainable Development.
  • Any other programme adoptable from time to time in future.

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Dr. Milind Jiwane will be conf...

*** Dr Milind Jiwane will be conferred by "Life Time Achievement Award 2014" at ...